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New Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Half Guard Sweep Technique Video by D. Ives

I'm happy to say I posted a new half guard technique video. I know I know it's been a while but you know, better late then never! This video focuses on what we call the "shallow" half guard and sweeping from there. Shallow pretty much means being on your side facing the opponent in the half guard. "Deep" half guard would be facing away. Both deep and shallow styles of half guard are super effective and work well for MMA, Nogi, Gi and of course Self-Defense. Check out the video below and learn how to do this fantastic sweep. Oh and feedback welcomed! Comment on the video below in youtube. … Click Here to View Full Post »

danny ives travels to brazil for training in bjj

My Training in Brazil and Why To Go Visit – By Danny Ives

Yup, it's my birthday! I turn 42 today, yeah I know I'm an old fart. In honor of my bday I wanted to talk about my training in Brazil and give … Click Here to View Full Post »

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Looking Outside Your Martial Art For New, Cutting-Edge Ideas

It's late March and wrestling season just ended. I know this because a good number of my youth students were wrestling for their high schools or … Click Here to View Full Post »


Q & A with Ivey League’s Strength and Conditioning Coach Dave Miller

Below you'll find an interview I did with our strength and conditioning (s and c for sort) coach David Miller. He sheds some light on his … Click Here to View Full Post »