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Making Progress By Hanging Back And Just Watching

So this morning like most Monday mornings I was here at Ivey League MMA teaching the 11am Brazilian Jujitsu class. I showed some techniques from side control and after we got some drilling in it was on to the live rolling portion of the class. During some of these classes I'll jump in with the students to get some live rolling in myself. However today I decided to hang back and do some observing. You know, to see what the students are doing during the live goes. As I sat just watching I started to remember just how effective observation can be and what it's done for me and my training. And I'll tell you this, I'm glad I sat out because I ended up learning some great … Click Here to View Full Post »


The Bumpy Road To Success No One Wants To Travel

A kid named Cutter and the road he traveled... Today I was honored to promote one of my 10 year old students to the rank of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu … Click Here to View Full Post »

ivey league mix martial arts boot camp

Get In Better Shape & See Your MMA Skills Improve FAST!

You might get a laugh about this but it's the truth. The other day I said what the heck and decided to jump into the women's only fitness boot camp … Click Here to View Full Post »


My Pan kids Gold Medal Experience – By Michael “Mouth” Garlington

Hey there, this is “Mouth”, one of the kids that take classes from Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts. I've been taking classes here for 2.5 years and … Click Here to View Full Post »