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My Training in Brazil and Why To Go Visit – By Danny Ives

Yup, it's my birthday! I turn 42 today, yeah I know I'm an old fart. In honor of my bday I wanted to talk about my training in Brazil and give you some pointers to help if you plan on making the trip yourself. Training in Brazil is awesome and it's a fun place to visit, no doubt about it. At this point in my life I've been to Brazil 8 (maybe more) times. I've stayed for as little as one week and as long as a few months. Most of my trips there I stayed with Scotty Nelson, who owns OTM.com, one of the largest online MMA supply websites and retail store chains in the world. Scotty was awesome and thanks to him my trips, training and overall good times have been awesome as … Click Here to View Full Post »

mix martial arts training tips from danny ives

Looking Outside Your Martial Art For New, Cutting-Edge Ideas

It's late March and wrestling season just ended. I know this because a good number of my youth students were wrestling for their high schools or … Click Here to View Full Post »


Q & A with Ivey League’s Strength and Conditioning Coach Dave Miller

Below you'll find an interview I did with our strength and conditioning (s and c for sort) coach David Miller. He sheds some light on his … Click Here to View Full Post »

BJJ and mma student chris hicks

The Willingness To Do Whatever It Takes Is EVERYTHING! The Chris Hicks Story

This blog is dedicated to one of my students named Chris Hicks. In fact I'm going to call this the "Chris Hicks story". Chris is an older fella, … Click Here to View Full Post »