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Trying to Reinvent The Wheel – Good or Bad?

Should you try to reinvent The Wheel? That is, take the techniques you're learning in martial arts class and add your own spin on them. I wanted to write about this today because I keep seeing more and more students skipping past the fundamental techniques of MMA and trying to invent their own new techniques. Is there a time and place for you to be creative and try to form your own techniques? Yes, there is. However, more often then not it's better to stick with the tried and tested techniques that have been proven to work, time and time again. There's a very thin line between being creative vs. going backwards in your training. I think many times people who train in Mixed … Click Here to View Full Post »

Kids Martial Arts Classes Bring Focus

Learning/Gaining Focus Through Martial Arts Lessons

Focus and the martial arts go hand in hand. You'd be hard pressed to have a normal conversation about martial arts and not hear the word "Focus" … Click Here to View Full Post »

Weight Training w/ Ivey League MMA

Wanna Get in Shape? Meet Coach Dave Miller!

I'm not 100% sure how many of those reading this blog are familiar with strength and conditioning training but let me assure you it's very … Click Here to View Full Post »

ivy league mma kids after school care

Kids After School Martial Arts & Transportation Starts Soon!

School starts up again for Anne Arundel County in just 2.5 weeks! My oh my did summer just fly by! With that said, it's time for Mom and Dad to … Click Here to View Full Post »