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A Great Team Is More Then Just One Person

You hear the saying "There's no I in team" a lot. At least I do. It's a great saying and indeed very true. It takes more then one great student or coach to build a great team. No program can sustain success based solely on the talent of one individual. This is something that I feel has been key to the success we've had here at Ivey League with the mix martial arts programs. Good people mixed with a good system has proven time and time again to produce results. So then, how do you go about building a team of students who get the job done? A great team takes a lot of work and doesn't form overnight. It's taken me 6+ years to build Ivey League MMA into the team it is today. Was this … Click Here to View Full Post »

A lot can be learned from working in and around pizzas.

What I Learned From The Pizza Shop – By Danny Ives

The other day one of my staff members asked me how I got so good at moping the mats. That I made it like an art form. I started laughing and said … Click Here to View Full Post »


Developing a Unique Style That Works For You

What makes the great fighters so great? People ask me all the time what I feel makes the great fighters so great. My answer is always the same; … Click Here to View Full Post »

Annapolis Muay Thai Seminar

Muay Thai Kickboxing Seminar on Saturday July 19th

Next Saturday, July 19th, Ivey League MMA will be hosting a great Muay Thai Kickboxing Seminar w/ Coach Ryan Bassard. **You do not have to be … Click Here to View Full Post »