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Guard Passing is Freaking Difficult!

Anyone who's ever taken a class or two in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will surely tell you, it's not the easiest martial art to master. In fact, I'd say BJJ ranked up there as either the toughest or second toughest martial arts to learn. Why is that you ask? BJJ/Gracie JuJitsu or whatever you call it had literally hundreds and hundreds of techniques. Maybe over a thousand, hard to say but I know it's got a crap ton. More than any other martial art including Judo and Sombo. It's a lot to learn, trust me i know, been doing it for over 21 years. And as difficult as BJJ is with all that's going on, in all my years I still consider guard passing to be the most difficult aspect of … Click Here to View Full Post »

Details Regarding Our Kids MMA Summer Camp 2016

Yes I know it's still winter and all, If I wasn’t sure about that believe me that 2+ feet we got a few weeks back proved it. True it’s only … Click Here to View Full Post »

Training Tips For The “Older” Grappler

Did you know that anyone over the age of 30 is considered old for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) classes? Yet, 30+ is the age group we work with the most … Click Here to View Full Post »

Does Mix Martial Arts Work on the Streets? – By Coach Danny Ives

I was talking to one of my students the other night and we got into the subject of self-defense and how MMA applies to a real world confrontation on … Click Here to View Full Post »