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Developing a Unique Style That Works For You

What makes the great fighters so great? People ask me all the time what I feel makes the great fighters so great. My answer is always the same; it's a little bit of a lot of things. Well okay maybe more then a "bit" of things. One of those things is that the great fighters often times will develop a fighting style that's unique to them. They have certain techniques that fit just right for the type of body they may have and skill set they possess. The goal for any new student should be to do the same. To find that set of skills that gets the best results for him/her. You need to be realistic with yourself in order to understand your own physical make up. The more real with yourself … Click Here to View Full Post »

Annapolis Muay Thai Seminar

Muay Thai Kickboxing Seminar on Saturday July 19th

Next Saturday, July 19th, Ivey League MMA will be hosting a great Muay Thai Kickboxing Seminar w/ Coach Ryan Bassard. **You do not have to be … Click Here to View Full Post »

summer camp annapolis 2014 and 2015

Kids Martial Arts Summer Camp With IL = Awesome So Far!

Since I keep getting question after question regarding this years summer camp I thought maybe a blog post would be a fit, you know, to help bring … Click Here to View Full Post »

Master Danny Ives hanging out with some of our amazing kids from the after school program

Kids Martial Arts After School Program Starts Soon…

Just a quick heads up for all the parents in the Annapolis/Cape St Clair/Arnold area. Starting with day one of the normal Anne Arundel County school … Click Here to View Full Post »