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Benson Henderson, Yeah He’s Pretty Good at MMA

It's 4:30am on a Tuesday. I couldn't sleep and when that happens I tend to get into some youtube videos. Well, I happened upon some videos of an old favorite, Benson Henderson. I thought to myself after watching some of his highlight's, "well dang, this guy is pretty good". That's a joke by the way, of course Ben's good and of course I already knew who he was. I've never worked with Benson but my friends tell me he's the real deal. I believe them. I like watching Ben fight, always have. But I've got respect for him that goes far beyond the punching and kicking stuff. I believe Ben's a true martial artist. He really loves martial arts and it shows in his training and fighting style … Click Here to View Full Post »


Results From The PA NAGA For Ivey League MMA

This past weekend the students of Ivey League MMA produced some of the best results we've ever had in an open field competition. To say we were … Click Here to View Full Post »


What *Really Works* in a Street Fight – By Daniel Ives

Today after my morning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Basics Class me and some of the students got to talking about self-defense. Specifically, We talked in … Click Here to View Full Post »


Trying to Reinvent The Wheel – Good or Bad?

Should you try to reinvent The Wheel? That is, take the techniques you're learning in martial arts class and add your own spin on them. I wanted … Click Here to View Full Post »