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Wrestling Shoes Review 2015 by Danny Ives

Since we're getting set to launch our first wrestling specific class in about 2 weeks I thought for today's blog I'd do a review of wrestling shoes and which ones I feel are worth investing in. Before you jump all over me and question my creditability let me assure you of two things: First, I know a lot about wrestling and wrestling shoes. More then most. Second, I collect wrestling shoes and have been for many years. I'm a bit of what you might call a "shoe snob". I like the good stuff and anything less gets a thumbs down. Why would someone wear wrestling shoes you might be asking? In the sport of wrestling, shoes are required. You'll also catch a lot of high level MMA … Click Here to View Full Post »

samurais & medals, new breed tournament

New Breed Grappling/BJJ Tournament Results

Last Saturday Ivey League MMA sent a small group of students to take part in the New Breed Tournament. This tournament focuses on grappling (NoGi) … Click Here to View Full Post »


New Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Half Guard Sweep Technique Video by D. Ives

I'm happy to say I posted a new half guard technique video. I know I know it's been a while but you know, better late then never! This video … Click Here to View Full Post »

danny ives travels to brazil for training in bjj

My Training in Brazil and Why To Go Visit – By Danny Ives

Yup, it's my birthday! I turn 42 today, yeah I know I'm an old fart. In honor of my bday I wanted to talk about my training in Brazil and give … Click Here to View Full Post »