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The Differences Between Dutch & Thai Style Muay Thai Kickboxing

One of my beginner level students came up to me the other night after class and asked me about the style of Kickboxing we use/teach here at Ivey League MMA. He wanted to know if it was more of the "Thai" style or was it more "Dutch" and so on. That got me thinking, this would make for a really cool blog post. You know, gives me a chance to break down the different types of Kickboxing you'll find throughout the world. Okay let's get rocking and rolling shall we. Muay Thai Style Kickboxing, which is what we teach here at IL, pretty much falls into Two categories. Dutch and Thai style. There's people out there who claim to do other types of Kickboxing but that's a bunch of … Click Here to View Full Post »

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How To Earn Your Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is well known for being the most difficult martial art to earn your black belt in. It takes on average about 12 years of … Click Here to View Full Post »

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Danny Ives Equipment Reviews – Boxing Gloves 2014

Are you looking to get a new pair of Boxing Gloves but aren't sure what to get? Or maybe you want to make sure what you buy is good quality? Sweet, … Click Here to View Full Post »

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NAGA NYC Results & Ivey League Goes Green…

This past week we sure did keep busy here at IL. Over the weekend we loaded up the Ivesmobile and hit the road in search of the best BJJ/Grappling … Click Here to View Full Post »