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Are You Trying To Reinvent The Wheel?

Are You Always Looking For New Ways To Reinvent The Wheel? Today I wanted to talk about folks who always try to come up with their own new techniques. I always say that these are the folks looking to reinvent the wheel. More often then not, this is done to a fault. I'm all for being creative. Nothing wrong with that. But you'll need to get to a certain level before that can happen. That level happens to be years away from all new mixed martial arts students. Just so you know, there's a really thin line between creative and reinventing the wheel. Most people fall into two very different categories. On one side you'll have those who come up with silly techniques from stuff they might … Click Here to View Full Post »

A group of students training hard at Ivey League MMA, located in Anne Arundel County MD

A Great Training Environment Makes All The Difference in The World

The Right Environment Can Make Or Break Your Progress It’s interesting to me that you can have a football player perform like crap for one team … Click Here to View Full Post »


NAGA Pittsburgh Results For Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts

This past weekend Ivey League headed to the inaugural NAGA Pittsburgh competition where great times were had and lots of hardware came back to … Click Here to View Full Post »

martial arts training tips from danny ives

Do You Offer Karate Classes For Children Ages 3-4 Years Old?

Yes, as a matter of fact we do offer classes for this age group. Most people think we're nuts for teaching this age group. I'll be straight up, not … Click Here to View Full Post »