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If You Fail Trying Does That Make You a Loser?

I think that for most students of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), when they fail trying to do a technique, or get worked over in a sparring session, they think of themselves as a loser. I'm here to tell you that one bad training session or fight or tournament doesn't make you a loser. There's a big different between failing and being a loser. The reality is that no matter how good you are or what you've done in the past, sooner or later you're going to experience failure. Failure is a part of learning and MMA is no different. Especially in the beginner of your training when everything you learn and do is a whole different world. As you get better, you fail less and less. Let me be … Click Here to View Full Post »

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5-10 Minutes a Day Goes a Very Long Way

How much time and effort is needed to master mix martial arts? The answer to that is a lot less time and effort then you probably think. I assume … Click Here to View Full Post »


Commitment, Time In & Reps Reps Reps Lead To Success

What does it take to lose weight, get in shape, become more disciplined or master mix martial arts? Look, anyone can achieve the above goals, yet … Click Here to View Full Post »

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Ivey League MMA News & Upcoming Events January-February 2015

Like I keep saying, new year, new you and of course, new things going on here at Ivey League MMA. Yay New BJJ Belt Promotions! First up I'd … Click Here to View Full Post »