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MMA Seminar w/ UFC Fighter Colton Smith at Ivey League!

On September 19th, 2015 we'll be hosting a MMA seminar with UFC Veteran, Army Ranger and season 10 winner of the Ultimate Fighter show Mr Colton Smith! For those who remember, this is our second attempt to bring Colton to the Annapolis Area. Back in January 2015 we had this seminar all booked up and ready to go then about 2 weeks before Colton got orders from the Army and he couldn't make it. Bummer for sure. Just a quick heads up, not only is Colton a high level professional fight, which is obviously nothing to sneeze at, he got to the UFC and won the show while serving full time in the US Army! He's still active duty and when not fighting in MMA Events he spends most of his … Click Here to View Full Post »

maryland bjj classes/gyms

BJJ Uniform (GI) Reviews by Danny Ives

Someone the other day asked me for my opinion regarding BJJ Gis and which ones I thought were the best. I thought to myself this might make a pretty … Click Here to View Full Post »

brazilian jiu jitsu in maryland

BJJ Belt Promotions at Ivey League MMA

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or better known as "BJJ" is one of the last remaining martial arts that forces you really and truly earn belts. BJJ at the … Click Here to View Full Post »

IBJJF American Nationals 2015

IBJJF American Nationals Results For Ivey League MMA

I'm a little late to the game writing this blog post, sorry! But hey I'm here now so let's talk about news, tournaments and all that jazz :) Last … Click Here to View Full Post »