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A Great Training Environment Makes All The Difference in The World

The Right Environment Can Make Or Break Your Progress It’s interesting to me that you can have a football player perform like crap for one team but absolutely amazing for another. Maybe this player got traded and ended up on a new team. With new systems and coaches. All the sudden said player becomes the toast of the town. His new team makes it to the Superbowl, wins that and now he becomes the MVP. Crazy right!? This is actually pretty common, not just in football but in the world of athletics. That very same situation can and often does happen with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) students. I know tons of folks that for one reason or another didn't shine at one place but were … Click Here to View Full Post »


NAGA Pittsburgh Results For Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts

This past weekend Ivey League headed to the inaugural NAGA Pittsburgh competition where great times were had and lots of hardware came back to … Click Here to View Full Post »

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Do You Offer Karate Classes For Children Ages 3-4 Years Old?

Yes, as a matter of fact we do offer classes for this age group. Most people think we're nuts for teaching this age group. I'll be straight up, not … Click Here to View Full Post »


Having “Hips Of Doom” When You Pass The Guard In BJJ/MMA

People always ask me about how I can make myself feel so heavy on the ground. Most of the time from passing the guard or side control … Click Here to View Full Post »