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Develop Ridiculous Grip Strength

I was talking with some of the BJJ students this morning about grip strength and how to make your grip like a death lock. When it comes to fighting, or grappling like Judo, BJJ, and Wrestling, having a strong grip makes a big difference. If you want to be considered powerful, it all starts with strong grips. Having the kind of grip that can't be broken easily is a huge benefit. And I'll be honest, a fighter shouldn't have soft hands that've been pampered by using things like lifting gloves or straps in the gym. If you use gloves when you lift weights please smack yourself upside the head right now. That kind of garbage has no place in your MMA training. Use your hands to … Click Here to View Full Post »

Ivey League MMA News – November 2015

I love this time of year. I really do. The leaves are turning different colors, nice weather, the holiday season has everyone in a great mood, it's … Click Here to View Full Post »

Kickboxing Levels 1 and 2 Testing Dates Have Been Announced!

It's been awhile since our last Muay Thai Kickboxing Level 1 test. That’s due mainly to some changes we made within the Kickboxing System, changes … Click Here to View Full Post »

The Value of Ground Fighting (Learn Some ASAP)

Last week I stayed up for half the night just watching UFC Fights. I happen to have a subscription to UFC.TV which comes in handy for just such an … Click Here to View Full Post »