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The Mighty Armlock, Armbar, Juji Gatame or Whatever Else You Wanna Call It

The top 5 submissions holds in the world are the following: 1. Rear Naked Choke 2. Armbar 3. Triangle 4. Guillotine 5. Head & Arm Choke As you can see, the armbar sits at number 2 on the list of best submission. That means it's pretty good and worth learning. Below you can check out a video of me teaching the armbar during a seminar in Virginia Beach. I can tell you from first hand experience that this technique works in all arenas, The UFC, Grappling Tournaments or out on the streets. If you'd like to be fully prepared for a real life self-defense situation then you'd be smart to learn this technique. Below I posted some more videos that you can study and … Click Here to View Full Post »


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Why “Go Hard or Go Home” Isn’t Always a Good Idea

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Ivey League MMA News June 2015

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