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Getting 1% Better Daily – The Nick C Story

I say this to my students all the time "Get 1% better every time you come in and take class". I say that because it's hard to come in and give 100% each and every class you take. Some days you just don't have it in, believe me I understand that. Just shoot for 1% improvement every time you train. Over time you'll reach your goals I assure you. The days when you're able to give more then 1% are great! Do that for sure and when you're feeling down just do your best to muster up that 1% needed to get better A man named Nick C and how he uses 1% to make huge improvements This brings me to a good student spotlight story. Let's talk a little about long time student Nick … Click Here to View Full Post »

karate gyms in maryland

The Greatest Gift I’ve Ever Received I Got From Mix Martial Arts

The Greatest Gift I've Ever Received I Got From Mix Martial Arts The other day I was walking out to my car at the Annapolis Mall when I got to … Click Here to View Full Post »

nike wrestling shoes

Wrestling Shoes Review 2015 by Danny Ives

Since we're getting set to launch our first wrestling specific class in about 2 weeks I thought for today's blog I'd do a review of wrestling shoes … Click Here to View Full Post »

samurais & medals, new breed tournament

New Breed Grappling/BJJ Tournament Results

Last Saturday Ivey League MMA sent a small group of students to take part in the New Breed Tournament. This tournament focuses on grappling (NoGi) … Click Here to View Full Post »